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The Simpsons Lego Set

It’s been a pretty rainy start to 2014, and when we were younger we might well stay in doors and play some lego. Although at 32 that may not really be the done thing, there may be some hope on the horizon with the all new The Simpsons Lego Set.

Information is sketchy at best, but from what we are told this looks to be about as official as it is ever going to be. The only specs available are those printed on these boxes, and this is what we know:

  • 2523 pieces in total
  • Six figures including Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Flanders
  • The main lego set will be based around the Simpsons home with all the famous sets including kitchen and of course that imistakable sofa in the living room

There seems to be some kind of hinge in the centre of the house so it can be opened and closed, andwe have no doubt there will be a fence for the Lego Ned Flanders to pop his head over. What do you think? Is the Simpsons Lego set the best yet? Will you be aiming for a little Lego Bart, Marge, Maggie, Lisa and Lego Homer in your home?

Let us know!


Which is your favourite? If it’s not The Simpsons Lego, perhaps its Breaking Bad Lego, Back to the Future or even that Lord of the Rings Lego set?



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