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The Solar Egg: The World’s Coolest Sauna?

Barring awesomely design, we’re not sure there’s many things Scandinavians love more than a sauna. Which is why it should be no great surprise that the coolest sauna we’ve ever come across hails from Sweden’s northernmost town, Kiruna. Feast your eyes on the spectacular Solar Egg Sauna.

Created as a commission by Stockholm-based artist duo Bigert & Bergström, the egg-shaped chamber has just been installed in Luossabacken in Kiruna, and offers locals the chance to relax and catch up with their acquaintances inside a gigantic 85° Celsius sauna.

The town Kiruna is currently undergoing a radical transformation so that the iron seam that cuts diagonally downwards beneath the town can be mined. The iron ore is so valuable that the whole town is literally moving to accommodate the mining job.

Naturally this has caused much debate and challenges for the community. And thus the Solar Egg Sauna was commissioned as a social sculpture where local people and visitors to the town can meet and discuss these challenges, as well as take shelter from the arctic conditions outside.

Bigert & Bergström Solar Egg Sauna 4

The idea behind the B&B design was to continue the tradition of Scandi saunas as a place of reflection and socialising, while also utilising the idea of the rebirth of the town. And so, the egg incubator was born.

The Solar Egg is made out of stainless golden mirror sheeting, with its multifaceted exterior designed to break up the surroundings that it reflects. The egg’s interior has been formed out of wood, with the wall panels and floor decking made out of pine and the bench of aspen. In the centre of the egg stands the wood-heated, heart-shaped sauna stove made out of iron and stone. The temperature inside the egg varies between 75° and 85° Celsius.

Head over to the Bigert & Bergström Website to check out more of their incredible creations.

Bigert & Bergström Solar Egg Sauna 3

Bigert & Bergström Solar Egg Sauna 2



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