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The Stanford Prison Experiment Film Trailer

A new trailer has landed for The Stanford Prison Experiment. For most of you, that will ring a bell from your school days. To quash any lingering annoyance you’ll have for the rest of the day – the Stanford Prison experiment is the infamous behaviour study conducted in the early 70s.

The experiment saw a group of US college students taking on either the role of a prisoner or the role of a guard to study the effects of incarceration. The guards quickly inflicted psychological torture and humiliation and the prisoners began to riot.

The Stanford Prison Experiment film was actually announced back in 2006 with Christopher McQuarrie set to write and direct the film. Nine years down the road and the film is finally complete with a fair few changes to the crew. McQuarrie is solely a producer, with Kyle Patrick Alvarez in the director’s chair.

There’s been several films already made based on the same subject with offerings in 2010’s The Experiment with Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker, which itself was a remake of Oliver Hirschbiegel’s 2001 German film. The BBC also recreated the experiment for a documentary series back in 2002. So what can this incarnation bring to the table?

Firstly, the cast is headed up by the superb Ezra Miller from We Need to Talk About Kevin and Perks of Being a Wallflower. There’s also decent support in Billy Crudup and Olivia Thirlby. From the trailer, it looks as tense as you like with Miller appearing to put in a real shift.

Early reviews have been very positive so we’ve got high hopes for The Stanford Prison Experiment. There’s no official release date as of yet but those of you Joes who are heading to the Edinburgh Film Festival will get a viewing on Thursday! Check out the trailer below.



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