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TJ Lavin Interview

Here over at AJB we were lucky enough to grab some time with BMX superstar TJ Lavin. TJ is of course best known for his BMXing – winning a total of 7 X-Games medals including 3 golds and also being named King of Dirt before a bad crash in October 2010 which meant he has to be placed in a medically induced coma.

Although not riding again, some 9 months later TJ Lavin is back on our screens hosting MTV’s The Challenge. As part of this and his teaming up with the SOYJOY Show us your Real Adventure contest we caught up with TJ Lavin and quizzed him on his return to BMX, his thoughts on the current crop of BMX and what to expect with him in the future.

PR people being PR people they cut some of our questions, however being the pushy kids we are, we wanted them answered! Here they are:

Do you have any other weird and wacky things you plan to try, to fill the excitement void in your life?

Yeah I’m going to try out off road trucks. Short course looks like a lot of fun.

Your crash video has had hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube – Have you ever watched it back? How did you feel?

Yes I saw it on the news first, then saw a few different versions of it. It doesn’t bother me too much. It’s kind of sad that’s the last time that I’ll drop in as pro though. That kind of bothers me.

If you could only be known by the cool kids for being a BMX superstar (tick) or by the masses for being on MTV (tick) which would it be?

BMX for sure. It’s an honor to be on the MTV show and I love that job but riding was my first love.

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