Say hello to the best thing since sliced bread! Brewed by craft purveyors Hackney Brewery, Toast Ale is the UK’s first ever ale to be brewed by using actual bread. All bread used during the brewing process is surplus and would otherwise be thrown away by bakeries and delis. And believe us, the results are delicious!

Toast Real Ale

According to research, 44% of bread in the UK, including 24 million slices a year of the stuff our homes, is thrown away. Every bottle of Toast Ale uses a slice of bread to expertly brew beer. Not only are do you get all the crisp and fresh beery goodness, you’re also doing your bit for a very real food-waste problem.

The brewing process for the unique beer is surprisingly simple too and easily achievable at home if you like your home brewery. Bread is sliced and then mashed to make breadcrumbs for the brewing process. The pale ale is also brewed with malted barley, hops and yeast.

Toast Ale 2
Toast Ale is the brainchild of Tristram Stuart, an international award-winning author and campaigner for food waste. He’s out to prove the alternative to waste can be just as tasty. All proceeds from Hackney Brewery-brewed Toast Ale are being donated to food waste charity Feedback.

We tried out some Toast Ale ourselves and have to say we were surprised with how much flavour was packed into the bottle. The bread adds caramel notes that balance the bitter hops, giving a malty and grapefruity taste, similar to amber ales.

Toast is available to buy now at the Toast Ale Website at around £3 a bottle. The list of stockists is growing every day too with retailers, pubs, bars and restaurants all getting involved, partly thanks to exposure given by Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall among others!

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