If there’s one thing we’ve learnt over the years, it’s that you can tell a lot about a Joe from some very simple observations. Things like what shoes do they wear? Do they like Marmite? And do they sleep with the door open? These tell you a lot about the mental state of person. But nothing can tell you more about a Joe, or Jane for that matter, than whether they like the workings of one of Hollywood’s shining beacons of hope, Nicolas Cage.

Top 5 Best Nicolas Cage Moments

We love him and his larger-than-life-a-kid-on-blue-Smarties-batshit performances. Did you know he collects actual castles by the way? That fact alone means we won’t have a bad word said about him and to mark his 54th birthday we’re giving you a run-down of Nic’s best moments in cinema. Enjoy!

5) “Big Daddy” – Kick Ass

No stranger to superhero films having been penned in for a Superman film in the late 90s that never happened, our first Best Of moment sees Cage donning the black cape giving it his best Adam West impression in the first Kick Ass film.

It might even be one of Cage’s more low-key performances but that’s not to say it isn’t packed full of OTT action and ridiculous one liners. This scene introduces Big Daddy and his heroine daughter Hit Girl as they play a game of bullets and vests. Genius.

4) “The Bees” – The Wicker Man

The second moment on our list comes from the… by all accounts… terrible remake of the iconic 1973 Wicker Man. The 2003 Cage remake is so bad it only holds a 3.9/10 rating on IMBD. But that’s not to say the quality is brought down by our Nic – we reckon 3.5 of that rating is thanks to his presence alone!

Save yourself the trouble and pain of watching the whole thing and just watch this single scene to see Cage at his panicked maniac best as local nutjobs bound him and subject him to a swarm of stinking bees.

3) “Pissed Blood” – Matchstick Men

This isn’t the only time on our list you’re going to see Nic playing a character with some strange tics and habits but his character as an OCD sufferer in Matchstick Men gives him the perfect platform to deliver one of the all-time great Nic Cage freak-outs. It happens at the pharmacy as Nic has run out of pills that keep his condition in check. But there’s a problem – the dreaded queue.

Nic can’t take it and jumps the queue. When questioned, he unleashes a sequence of twitching, wailing and gnashing of teeth that is quintessential Cage. Some actors may have opted to bring some subtlety to a man suffering from a genuinely crippling condition. Thank God for Nicholas Cage!

2) “I’d Like to Take His Face Off” – Face Off

We couldn’t have a Nic Cage list without Face Off appearing could we? The 1997 John Woo action classic sees John Travolta swap faces with almost dead madman Nic Cage in order to infiltrate his gang. It’s the perfectly bonkers set-up only Cage could realise so expertly.

In what we think is probably Nicolas Cage’s greatest film, we’ve gone for the “take his face off” scene. The madness in his eyes makes it essential Cage viewing but we chose it mainly because we love it when they say the title of the film in the script.

1) All of It – Vampire’s Kiss

We’ve saved the best to last in what we believe to be Nicolas Cage’s finest moment in 1989’s Vampire’s Kiss. The basic premise is fantastic enough telling a story of a mentally-ill literary agent whose condition takes a plummet when he thinks that he’s been bitten by a vampire.

We could have chosen a million clips from this film with scenes involving Cage listing the alphabet like he only could, him walking around in traffic with the helplessness of a melodramatic five year old or even the best crying sequence in cinema history. Instead, we decided you should just watch the highlights in the clip below. Happy Birthday, Nic!



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