The man we’d all love to go for a beer with and the man our partners would all love to be with, Chris Pratt, celebrates his 38th birthday today. So to honour the occasion we thought we’d give a run-down of our favourite films the Guardians of the Galaxy star has starred in… yes, that may well be a spoiler!

Top 5 Best Chris Pratt Films

5) The Five-Year Engagement (2012)

He may not have had the leading role, but there’s no doubt who the star was in 2012’s The Five-Year Engagement. Chris Pratt plays the best friend of Jason Segel, whose engagement to the lovely Emily Blunt lasts a little longer than it should. While Pratt is doing the support work here, anytime he’s on screen you’re guaranteed a laugh; From his best-man speech running-down the list of Segel’s conquests to the tune of Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire’, to the moment Pratt serenades a besotted Alison Brie with a tender rendition of ‘Cucurrucucu Paloma’. All-round classic Pratt.

Chris Pratt Top 5 Five-Year Engagement

4) Moneyball (2011)

Another supporting role, but too good a film to ignore, Moneyball sees Pratt step up to the plate as Scott Hatteberg, a real-life baseball player down on his luck who unexpectedly gets signed up out-of-the-blue by Brad Pitt, the pioneering GM of the Oakland A’s. Pratt may not get the screen time we’d like, but he’s always watchable and plays an important part in telling the story of the team that changed the face of baseball forever.

Chris Pratt Top 5 Moneyball

3) The Lego Movie (2014)

While he’s never actually on screen, we’re not sure we’ve laughed more at a Chris Pratt performance more than during his voice-over role in The Lego Movie. Pratt plays Emmet, an ordinary figurine who always follows the rules but quickly enough gets mistaken for the savour of the world. Naturally he’s unprepared for such a task and hilarity ensues. While The Lego Movie is obviously aimed at kids and does get a little worn towards the end, the film is so charming and out-and-out funny that we think you’d need a heart of stone for it not to win any adult over.

Chris Pratt Top 5 Moneyball

2) Jurassic World (2015)

The relaunching of the Jurassic Park franchise had us split here at Average Joes Towers back in 2015. While the excitement at seeing John Hammond’s vision restored to the big screen was unavoidable, we did also think that some things are just plain sacred. Jurassic World could never replicate the inventiveness and awe of the original, but thankfully it did manage to give us something exciting, funny and ridiculous in exactly the right way. Much of which was mainly thanks to the Prattmeister himself. Bring on Jurassic World 2!

Chris Pratt Top 5 Jurassic World

1) Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

It couldn’t be anything else, could it? After the seriousness of the Dark Knight Trilogy and even Avengers Assemble, the comic book film genre needed some light relief. Enter Chris Pratt as the self-proclaimed Star-Lord and his band of merry men (and woman). Guardians of the Galaxy is as cheerful as it is hectic, but while it does specialise in fun, it does packs plenty of heart. The visuals are also some of the most creative Marvel have ever concocted. Most importantly though it’s absolutely hilarious, and much of that is down to our man.

Chris Pratt Top 5 Guardians of the Galaxy



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