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Top 5: Movie Apps

Whether you’re looking for a reliable film recommendation, trying to remember the name of that extra in the background of Goodfellas, or sitting in the cinema busting for a pee, then our list of the five best apps for moviegoers is here to help. And there’s no need to worry about compatibility, as all five are available on both iOS and Android.


There are few situations more traumatic than being sat in the cinema, popcorn in one hand and supersized cola in the other, only to realise that you need to pee. What follows is a harrowing decision: should I go now and possibly miss the moment the heroine is eaten by a dragon? Or should I wait until the end – after all, there are only 45 minutes left. Chances are, you haven’t seen the film before and therefore this is a complete guessing game. Eventually, however, you have no option but to go, only to be told in response to a whispered “Have I missed anything?” that yes, you have indeed missed the film’s most important scene, the one people will be talking about for years to come. If I’d gone to see Bullitt at the cinema, I’d probably have missed the car chase.

However, there is one app that seeks to eliminate this issue once and for all, and it’s called RunPee. Available on iOS and Android for 99p, this is the first paid for app on the list but also, in turn, probably the most valuable. Whereas before you’d have to guess when to go to the toilet, RunPee suggests optimal break times from the film you’re watching. For instance, 1 hour and 10 minutes into The Wolf of Wall Street is the perfect time to pee according to the app, and you have a whole four minutes until something interesting happens. Furthermore, the app lists what happens during those four minutes, so there’s no need to irritate your neighbour with incessant questioning upon your return. Another feature of the app is that it tells you if anything happens after the end credits. As somebody who has wasted countless disappointing hours waiting for the credits to end in the possibility that hilarious bloopers may follow, this aspect of the app is invaluable. However, not all films are covered. The app is run by a small group of people who [presumably do not have time to watch everything, so those with a more eclectic taste may occasionally be disappointed. For everybody else, however, 99p to be told when to pee is peanuts.



By far the most comprehensive source of information on movies, the Internet Movie Database’s app is as trusty and useful as the accompanying website, and is always ready to answer such questions as “What else was he in?”, “Who’s that woman in the background?” and “What’s that annoying song at the end?”

Another neat feature is the trivia tab, which gives interesting facts about each film – perfect for those who like showing off their knowledge during films, even if it means annoying everybody else in the process. In addition, there’s information on filming locations, soundtracks, quotes, goofs… the list goes on. In fact, one complaint which could be made is that the app is too interesting, and may result in many lost hours spent procrastinating.

Movies by Flixster

Another vital source of film information is Flixster. This app, which works in conjunction with the site Rotten Tomatoes, tells you what the critics think. It does this by working as an aggregator of film reviews, collecting all of them and assigning the film a score based on these reviews. If a film scores less than 60 (out of 100) it is declared ‘rotten’, and generally not worth watching. Anything above this score gets a certified ‘fresh’ rating, and is in the critics’ good books. Generally, the score is a very good indicator of a film’s worthiness, and is a good way of deciding on a film to watch if you’re lacking in recommendations. For those who do not trust the words of critics, however, there is always an accompanying average users’ rating.
A useful feature of the app is its ability to isolate an actor and show the highest and lowest rated movies in which they’ve appeared, along with all the others in between. The app can be a little clunky on Android devices, especially when used in landscape mode, although this is a small price to pay for such a wealth of great movie recommendations.


Trailer Addict

The clue is in the title with this app, which is dedicated to trailers, teasers and featurettes. The experience of sitting in the cinema, slowly eating through all of your popcorn and repeatedly checking your watch while asking “Why hasn’t it started yet?” is now being brought to the small screen with Trailer Addict. However, before dismissing the idea of an app dedicated to movie trailers, consider the number of times you’ve wanted to watch a film at the cinema after viewing its trailer. A good trailer can make or break a film, and this something Trailer Addict understands. And, if you need further reason to install this app, there’s even a list of the top 150 trailers to while away a rainy day.

trailer addict screenshot

Movie Twist

One of the most original ways of choosing a movie, this app allows the user to pick a film based on your mood. For instance, if you’re feeling ‘Kind’, then perhaps try Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? Or, if you’re in a tired mood, then Rush Hour is one of the app’s preferred choices, presumably to startle you back to alertness. As well as this, the app is able to sort movies into categories, randomly selected tags (which include entries such as ‘Kristen Stewart’ and ‘bare breasts’) and recommendations based on your previous favourites. Overall, then a perfect app if you’re stuck for the next two hours’ viewing on Netflix.


There we have it, our top 5 Movie Apps, Or Film apps if you are so inclined. Just remember to respect all others in the cinema, no-one likes the light from mobile screen.



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