Top Gifts for Movie Lovers

If you love movies, or you know someone that does, here’s a list of our picks top gifts for movie lovers to make Christmas morning a totally enjoyable experience. So read on for our Top Christmas Presents for Film Lovers.

We’ve put a lot of thought into what we think would make slightly more unusual or better gifts than that DVD you thought you’d get, to take some of the strain off your brain. We’d love ALL of this Santa, and we’ve definitely been average to good this year…

Favourite DVD Box Sets from £200

2013 was, sadly, the year that Breaking Bad reached his epic conclusion. A lot of people have seen it, a lot haven’t, either way, the limited edition barrel box set would be a great gift. Its ridiculously well designed, a great nod to the show, and would easily take pride of place amongst any discerning collectors library of DVDs. That being said, Dexter also came to an end (rather unfullfilingly), and the blood slide box set is equally impressive, and you can keep this with your collection, or behind a aircon unit… One or the other perhaps?

Or both. We don’t mind! Alternatively, if you’re not looking to part with some serious dosh, a limited edition steelbook is a must!

Dexter Complete Box Set

A Subscription from £5.99

Streaming services are taking over the world. Illegal sources are closed down on a monthly basis by ISPs, so if you’ve been a naughty you might get nothing for Christmas. If you’ve been behaving, perhaps you can be treated to a more legitimate way to binge way TV series and smash out movie marathons? With a few big players in the market, our headline choice will always be Netflix for their excellent user interface, brilliant price and wide range of TV shows and movies – most notably their own productions House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Lets not also forget that they made @Dan_Arlington’s millennium by funding series 4 of Arrested Development which was released this year. There is also Love Film and NowTV worth considering too, Love Film is better for a larger range of movies, whilst NowTV is good for those Sky exclusive shows.


– £10.00
You could always look into getting membership perks from larger cinemas, but we at Average Joes are unbelievably huge fans of the independent cinemas. Our favourite one is, without a doubt, the Prince Charles Cinema in London. They show what they want, when they want (if they can get it on film). This past year has seen some amazing events including a Breaking Bad season 5 marathon, an Ultimate Batman marathon, an Edgar Wright takeover, regular all-nighters, special director features, Q&A’s – its the whole package for a movie lover. Membership is very cheap and reaps huge rewards throughout the year.


The Right Screen – £4999.99

If budget isn’t an issue, having the best TV to watch your movies on is, without a doubt, an essential gift worth consideration. Whilst we always recommend testing out a set first to ensure appropriate viewing angles positioning, our favourite pick so far is the 65” F9000 Series 9 Smart 3D UHD 4K LED TV from Samsung (that’s quite a mouthful). 4K UHD is the future, and if you thought the step up from SD to HD was impressive, you really have to check this out for yourself, it’ll blow your retinas back out through your rectum. Ok, so we think 3D is a fad, but this is a beautifully designed TV with all the fantastic Samsung features packed into their Series 9 range of units.

Samsung 69 F9000

Sound Bar from £500

If you’re watching it on a great screen, you need great sound. Surely you want to feel the bass from the on screen explosions ripping through your living room, or have the stomp of the T-Rex in Jurrasic Park make your drink ripple on the side table? Of course you do. Sound Bars have been the must-have addition to the home entertainment system in 2013 and our pick of the best is the Philips HTL9100. This isn’t just a good looking sound bar that provides excellent quality detailed sound with good power and scale, its design allows it to be so much more. It can be separated into separate stereo units and can be a bluetooth system for your music straight out of the box. Sod Christmas, just get this anyway!


Snacks – from £12 for 3

When you’re watching movies, either one-at-a-time or in a row, having something to snack on is pretty much essential these days. Doubly the case if you are watching with the Mrs, who invariably doesn’t want any popcorn of her own, just half, no three quarters of yours. 2013 has been a good year for popcorn, now the shelves are stacked with gourmet popcorn galore, and out pick to put under the tree, for you to munch on whilst singing away to the Muppet’s Christmas Carol would easily be Joe & Seph’s range. Specifically for Christmas, you should give mint chocolate or mince pie flavours a try, but our year round favourite the Thai Style Peanut Satay – but with around 30 flavours on offer, maybe just get a selection? Or all? Yeh. Get them all. Thanks.

Christmas Popcorn

Art – from $100

Movie Posters are art. Well, some are. Some are just crap. Then, there are those movie posters designed by artists that take things to a whole new level. Make someone’s year by providing them a gift of art relating to their favourite movie perhaps? Oddly, we have found Wes Anderson’s work to be the most inspirational for artists this year, and Spoke Art is the best selection around we know of. The below is a limited edition print inspired by Anderson’s Oscar nominated Moonrise Kingdom. Or, well, anything from Redbubble… and we LOVE Redbubble. We have lost hours just browsing that site, and really our list of top gifts for movie lovers could have come just from here!


Wear it from £12

Show how much you (or your recipient) love movies with the right clothing related gift. Since its Christmas, you could always plump for a Christmas Jumper? Our absolute favourite, which has been doing the rounds recently, is the Die Hard Christmas Jumper from Dark Bunny Tees. Whilst the front is pretty good, its the additional pistols taped to the back that make it worth the cash. If you’re in the market for something less festive, the whole range at or are pretty good. For something incredibly unique though, find a t-shirt design on Red Bubble (warning, you will lose HOURS searching this site).


That’s it for our list of top gifts for movie lovers? Did we miss anything you want that we should have added? Let us know!