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Top Gun 3D Trailer

Tom Cruise may have gone off the deep end as of late, but Top Gun will always show him at his best. Fortunately it is coming back to buzz the cinema one more time, now reinvigorated and refreshed in 3D. Hitting our screens in February from the 8th to the 13th, it comes just in time to give us a boost of testosterone before the love-fest that is Valentines day.

The re-release gives us a brief chance to go back and see the film in greater glory. In cinemas for only a very limited run, it will be projected in IMAX 3D, that gloriously large and detailed resolution that has swept the cinema world. So, if you were too young to see it in the cinema the first time round, or even if you did, now you can go and see it in a way as never before, not to mention the F-14s flying off the screen.

The trailer itself, acknowledging the fact that there are more people who have seen Top Gun then haven’t, forgoes the classic method of advertisement and simply cherry picks the best and most memorable parts of the film. This will really get the little Top Gun fan inside us all excited, how could it not?

I feel the need. The need for speed!

In typical fashion, as soon as this movie has left the screen, a ‘limited edition’ Bluray will be released, with the film both in 3D and 2D with enough extras on board to sink an aircraft carrier.

Sadly, Top Gun director Tony Scott, who had been working on the 3D rendering, passed away recently. With this tragic loss to film making also goes the reported sequel to Top Gun, which Tony Scott had been spearheading. So this may be your last chance to see Maverick, Goose, Ice Man, Jester, Cougar, Viper, Wolfman, Slider, Cougar and all the rest on the giant screen.

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