Top Ten Disney+ Watch List

As we are well into our seventh week in lockdown, it might feel like there’s almost nothing left to watch. You’ve binged Tiger King, rewatched all of Brooklyn 99, sat through that episode of Friends for the hundredth time and yet still you want more. Well we have the perfect list for you. Disney+ recently reached the UK and we’ve been scouring the archives to bring you our favourites from the Disney vaults. 


Studio: Pixar

This modern classic is one of our favourite Pixar movies. The adorable titular character, WALL E is one of the most beloved characters to come from the Disney-owned animation house. The story follows WALL E after hundreds on lonely years cleaning up the wasteland that is the Earth. He discovers a new purpose in life when he meets EVE, a sleek robot that captures his mechanical heart. The film is both adorable and a think piece on the consumerist nature of human beings. 

THOR: Ragnarok

Studio: Marvel

The third instalment of the Thor franchise is easily our favourite and possibly one of the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movies to date. It manages to mesh humour, action and loss is a thoroughly engaging package. This movie is bright, loud and ridiculous in all the best ways. Director Taika Waititi brings his own sense of fun to the Marvel universe. It features an all star cast including Jeff Goldblum who steals the show at times. We’d watch this film again and again just to hear Korg in disgust after he thinks Thor’s hammer pulled him off!!

The Simpsons

Studio: 20th Century Fox

After Disney bought Fox last year, they acquired their huge library of content. One of the biggest names in that library is The Simpsons. As far as we can tell, every single episode is on there too! We don’t need to tell you how good The Simpsons is because there can’t be a person on this planet that hasn’t at least seen one episode? Right?


Studio: Disney

No not the new one with Will Smith. The OG Aladdin that we all loved as kids. This is worth watching just for the legendary voice of Robin Williams. He is arguably one of the funniest men to ever live and he doesn’t disappoint in Aladdin. This movie also features some of most iconic songs from Disney’s history. Why are you still reading? Go watch it!

The Mandalorian

Studio: Lucasfilm (Star Wars)

We could just sell this series by saying two words – Baby Yoda. This series is the first ever live action series set in the Star Wars universe. The project was helmed by Jon Favreau (the man that basically kicked off the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Iron Man) and it follows The Mandalorian, a bounty hunter trying to find his identity in a fractured galaxy. The cast is excellent. The effects are amazing, not only for a TV show but full stop. This show feels like the original Star Wars more than any other entry into the franchise. It’s gritty, suspenseful and full of Easter eggs for die hard fans. 

Edward Scissorhands

Studio: 20th Century Fox

It’s strange to think that this film is thirty years old! We remember this fondly from our childhood. It put Johnny Depp on the world stage and started his long-term partnership with director, Tim Burton. It feels like a modern retelling of the Frankenstein’s Monster story with Burton’s now-iconic gothic flair. Go and rewatch something amazing from your childhood that we expect you probably haven’t seen for a long time.


Studio: Marvel

The movie that spawned the global juggernaut that is, the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Back in 2009 we had no idea that superhero films would be quite the phenomenon that they are today. This film is arguably the reason that they are so ubiquitous. Yes many had come before but this film changed the landscape and launched the template for a successful superhero franchise. Downey is perfect as Iron Man and the movies tone, soundtrack and pacing are all perfect. It might well be one of the most re-watchable Marvel films to date. 


Studio: 20th Century Fox

The biggest film for a decade was James Cameron’s Avatar. It grossed over two billion dollars at the box office and was only toppled by Avengers Endgame just last year. It used, then state-of-the-art, CGI to create an entire world from scratch. It follows paraplegic Marine, Jake Sully as he struggles between following orders and protecting the amazing new world he finds himself in. We’d watch again just for the stunning visuals. 

TRON Legacy

Studio: Disney

The original TRON was a cult classic. It featured never-seen-before VFX and tackled the idea of living within a computer simulation long before the Matrix was a thing. The long awaited follow-up, TRON Legacy, was not so widely loved but that doesn’t make it any less watchable. Thanks to Daft Punk, this film easily has one of the best original soundtracks of any movie to date. Whilst you’re listening to that amazing score, you’ll be treated to some of the best visuals of any movie thanks to the filmmakers new vision of the digital world known as the ‘Grid’. It’s a wonderful celebration of neon and skin-tight battle suits. Just don’t look too closely at the de-aged version of Jeff Bridges!


Studio: National Geographic

Free Solo follows rock climber Alex Honnold on his quest to perform a free solo climb of El Capitan in June 2017. Making him the first person to scale the mammoth rock feature without protective equipment. It has to be seen to be believed. Alex’s bravery and sheer fearlessness shine through as he scales the face of the world’s most famous rock. El Capitan is a 3,200 feet vertical rock formation that he manages to scale without a rope. Not for the faint hearted!

Disney+ is available in the UK for £5.99 per month.

What are your favourite picks from the huge Disney Vault? Let us know your recommendations in the comments or join the conversation over on Twitter!