For designers, it can be a hard ask to balance modern living with a thirst for nature. Often the two juxtapose against one another and the whole thing just doesn’t feel authentic or coherent. But this certainly isn’t the case for this tubular glass concept house that’s built around a single tree, dubbed ‘Tree in a House.’

Tree in a House Concept

Tree in a House is designed by Kazakh architect Aibek Almassov of A. Masow Architects, and features four floors of living space which vertically spread out the functionality of the home, all connected by a winding staircase. Knitting everything together is a single mature fir tree that spreads across the four floors.

The inverted treehouse is intended to offer Joes an escape from the ‘sweltering concrete boxes’ which dominate urban living. It features a completely glazed, cylindrical structure which give owners a complete 360-degree view of the surrounding forest. Though, in theory, the concept house could be put in any setting.

Tree in House Concept Aibek Almassov 2
Other features in the Tree in a House concept include glazed balustrades with wooden railings which will surround the atrium on every floor. They’re designed to be discrete so they don’t block any views.

Tree in House Concept Aibek Almassov 3
There’s also an entirely mirrored-glass shower on the bottom floor, so you do get some privacy, and to save space, the conceptual tree house is decorated with free-standing furniture that follows the curving walls. Minimalist, yes. But this still functions as a home.

We love the look of the Tree in a House concept and we should see fully operating home soon thanks to interest from glass and solar panel manufacturers. Think of all the Christmas trees you’d save on through the years..!

Tree in House Concept Aibek Almassov 5
Tree in House Concept Aibek Almassov 4
Tree in House Concept Aibek Almassov 6



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