In our younger years, most of us probably dreamt of having our very own tree house hideout. And if we’re honest, most of us have probably never shaken that dream. Well, this three-story abode in Los Angeles celebrates the complex landscape it resides on with a home emerging from atop the canopy of trees that surround it and, centring on a beautiful helical wooden staircase.

Tree Top Residence by Belzberg Architects

Named the Tree Top Residence, this LA home was designed and built by Santa Monica-based firm Belzberg Architects. Built along a natural ridgeline, this long and narrow three-story house mimics the angles of the site’s topography, ‘creating dynamic vertical and horizontal relationships.’

The centrepiece of the Tree Top Residence is an eccentrically-helical staircase which greats guests upon entry. Both functioning and artistic, the staircase is visible on the whole on the open plan ground floor, while on the floor above it separates the master suite and children’s bedroom, while providing a light well to the basement.

Tree Top Residence Belzberg Architects 4
Much of Belzberg’s design revolves around open living. As such, views between the dining room, kitchen, play and reception rooms are virtually uninterrupted. This along with the addition of floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors mean that all of the Tree Top Residence gets ample daylight.

Tree Top Residence Belzberg Architects 5
The home itself is hidden from the street below, while canted limestone louvers and dense planting on the north side of the property shield the interior from the closest adjacent neighbour.

Check out more of Belzberg Architects’ work over at their Website.

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