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Tribes Gig Review

As you know, we collaborated with the band that is Tribes and Durex to offer 10 of our readers a very intimate session with Tribes themselves as well as the New City Kings. Well, the secret, hush hush, gig took place last week in Bush Hall, London.

New City Kings kicked things off in rawkus fashion to the few hundred lucky souls who managed to get tickets through Durex Average Joes. From the energetic (bare feet) drum solos to the quite random acts of one specific bass player (Charlie), the crowd were entertained and kept in good spirits with the likes of ‘Swords and Cannonballs‘.

When it came to the headline act, Tribes were the perfect finish to a great summer of intimate sessions. A stripped back, no frills acoustic set: With no drummer Jim, but 2 guitars and the odd bass. Now Tribes have come in for stick in the past, especially within the industry. Many people claiming they should have never been signed. But you can’t help feel that Tribes put that to bed in Bush Hall, with a laid bare and truly special set. Playing hits such as Corner of an English Field, Bad Apple and Dancehall, the audience were engaged, and for the most part just singing along and you really felt they were involved. A true treat for the fans.

We asked one of our (most excited!!) winners to describe their night in 100 words. Here is what they came up with:

Loved every minute of the acoustic set, it was a very intimate experience & great to hear their voices. Johnny Lloyd has an amazing voice! Tribes deserve more credit for the great songs they have written, but their cover of Kinks “In the summertime” was just an added bonus. The venue was perfect, just big enough for us lucky contest winners and true Tribes fans:) I was lucky to meet them before the show & they were genuine down to earth guys. They also interacted with fans from the stage which made us all feel like we we’re just sitting in their front room – which was great. Overall the best night out;-)
Thanks again Joe for making my year!!

There we have it. A wonderful end to a quite epic summer of free music with Durex and their intimate sessions. We can’t wait for next year!




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