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True Detective Series 2 Cast

It’s fair to say that first series of True Detective had us all hooked here at Average Joes and we’re expecting big things from the HBO series second time around. One of the beauties of True Detective was the knowledge upon series 1 completion, the brilliant Matthew Mcconaughey and always excellent Woody Harrelson would move aside for two new actors / actresses. This week two pretty big A-listers were confirmed to star in the second series with Colin Farrell and, maybe surprisingly, Vince Vaughn all signed up.

We also got some plot details about the second instalment: “the story that follows three police officers and a career criminal who will navigate a web of conspiracy in the aftermath of a murder.” Sounds pretty perfect to us.

Farrell will be playing Ray Velcaro, a man “who has been damaged by years of trauma in both his personal and professional lives.” Sounds very Matthew McConaughey to us which is no bad thing. While Vince Vaughn will be playing criminal, Frank Semyon, a thug-turned-businessman working with a plethora of crooked politicians to push through the construction of a high-speed railway. However, his plans are thrown into disarray when one of his business partners is brutally murdered.

Vince Vaughn playing it straight is intriguing to say the least. He’s always had the presence to play menacing (mainly due to his ridiculous height) but rarely have we seen him not delivering one-liners.

It’s strongly rumoured that Friday Night Lights’ Taylor Kitsch will be alongside Farrell as a ‘true detective’ but no-one else has been confirmed as of yet. Either way, we’re fully in.

Justin Lin is penned down to direct the first two episodes which begin filming in the autumn with an air date set for late 2015. Let’s hope it lives up to the hype!




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