Ultimate Bottle Opener


This caught our eye, with the summer upon us and parties / BBQ’s the norm, one of the worst clear ups has to be all the beer bottle tops that ping their way everywhere! Well worry no more with the new Bottle Cap Catcher. Designed by Stefano Di Lollo and being made by Trudeau Corporation 1889 Inc. the opener, opens your bottle like any other, but instead of said top falling on the floor, it is collected in the handle. Neat huh?

I actually think it looks pretty cool too, a bit big for a camping trip, but we are sure it needs to have a place in your kitchen drawer. The size also may help you to find it when you become blurry eyed! It also holds up to around 30 caps before needing to be emptied. Available for around $10, it’s available nationwide in the US, Amazon and soon to be around the world.

Check out the images below: