Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:08 pm

Vessel Hammock Bath

This hammock-style bathtub called the Vessel from British firm Splinterworks is uniquely sculptural, and like a hammock is suspended above the floor, creating the effect of floating, mimicking both the relaxing connotations of lazing in a hammock and having a long hot soak in the bath.

Assuming you have the space, (the bath is around 9ft long) the hammock bath has the ability to be a great centrepiece in your contemporary bathroom. The carbon fibre construction enables the tub to be created in the flowing shape, whilst keeping it strong and lightweight enough to be hung. Alongside this, the bath is insulated with foam to keep the outside surfaces cool, and the water within warm.


With a range of colours available to suit any interior colour scheme, if you are keen to achive that wow factor, and are thinking about re-doing the bathroom (and budget is not an issue) we suggest it is well worth the look.



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