While vinyl sales have gone through the roof in recent years, there are still a few limitations to owning your own record player. One of the restrictions is the lack of ability to create your own personalised playlist – something real music lovers inherently thrive on doing. But a Dutch company called Vinylify are here to help you out!


Vinylify makes Joes personalised vinyl records on demand. Through the Vinylify website, upload your music files, create your own cover using one of their templates and hit send. Your vinyl will then be cut, labelled, packaged and delivered to your door.

All the vinyl is cut by hand in the Vinylify store in Amsterdam with cutting machines that date back to the 80s. Using a combination of a technics 1210 MK2 turntable, and an audio rack that converts the digital sound into analogue, Vinylify make sure the output sounds great on vinyl.

All records are 10 inches (diameter: 25.4 cm) so that they can fit through your post box. You can upload 10 minutes of music on each side of your vinyl, so a total of 20 minutes. So not really that much.

Another problem is that as this is a commercial business, Vinylify can only cut music to vinyl if Joes have permission from the original owner/rights holder of the music. Obviously they won’t be asking for proof for every track but on your head be it…

You can hold of your own personalised vinyl from Vinylify for around £35 (€50). We don’t think that’s bad value for a gift that’s a little different but we doubt Joes will be making regular use of the service considering you’ll only get 20 minutes of music. Vinylify deliver to all of Europe as well as the States and Canada with deliveries taking between 3-4 weeks. Go over to the Vinylify Website for more details.




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