We’ve always liked the idea of living on the water. The only problem is canal boats are our only real viable option and they often lack amenities and they don’t particularly suit gentlemen with mild cases of claustrophobia. Which is why we absolutely love the look of this Waterlovt floating house concept!

Waterlovt Floating House

Waterlovt houseboats are designed and engineered in the Netherlands. Built by a renowned world-class boat builder, the Waterlovt offers families, couples or individuals all the space, comfort and freedom of a regular home, just with the added bonus of waking each day to the sound of water and magnificent views.

As houseboats aren’t at all that abnormal in Holland, the makers of the Waterlovt have had years of experience in making top quality sea-worthy abodes. But as this is a luxury vessel, there are a load of extra added gismos and features. The Waterlovt is built with modular components made of natural materials which means they can easily be recycled and updated in the future.

Waterlovt Floating House 2
On request, your Waterlovt can be made to be completely self-sufficient. That means you can get your own clean, fresh water and also get you organic waste to be recycled and converted into energy. And that to the solar panels on top of the roof, and you’ve got a seriously contemporary home. Smart glass, advanced aircon, and a special floor with cooling and heating capabilities also ensure a maintainable climate all year round.

Waterlovt Floating House 3
A high-end water unit can be also be installed for desalination of seawater and a sewage treatment unit can be installed that treats all waste-water ecologically. You’ll also get high-end entertainment systems including a home cinema, satellite TV in every room, and audio systems with streaming music services throughout the home.

If you like the Waterlovt Floating House as much as we do, and have a nice plot of water to put it, head over to the Waterlovt Website for more details.

Waterlovt Floating House 4
Waterlovt Floating House 5



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