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Wes Anderson Has Made a Christmas Advert for H&M and It Is Glorious

Everyone brings out the creative big guns this time of year and while we do like John Lewis’ and Sainsbury’s attempts… everybody, we think we’ve found a winner! None other than Hollywood juggernaut Wes Anderson has made the Christmas advert for H&M and unsurprisingly it is a thing of pastel-filled melancholic beauty.

It might not be a whole new Wes Anderson film but his ‘Come Together’ short film for Christmas at H&M is probably far more than we could have hoped for. The director adds his quirky flair with a short film packed full of tracking shots, smooth pans, symmetrical compositions and pastel hues.

As this is Wes Anderson, naturally the story follows a train journey which has had to take a detour. The detour is so long that passengers won’t be able to make it home for Christmas. Adrien Brody plays the train conductor who attempts to ease the passengers’ woes by throwing them an impromptu Chrimbo at the back of the train.

Wes Anderson H&M Come Together Christimas Advert 2

In true Moonrise Kingdom and Grand Budapest Hotel style, and with all the whimsical flair you could wish for, as far as we’re concerned, you can keep your #bustertheboxer, H&M and Wes have won this snowball fight.

Take a look at the full 4 minute ‘Come Together’ short film by Wes Anderson below.

Wes Anderson H&M Come Together Christimas Advert 3



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