What Your Girlfriend Really Wants for Christmas: Booze and Chocolate

At this time of the year, us Joes can struggle when it comes to buying our Janes gifts that show a bit more thought than the Christmas Eve dash around the high street. So, this year we’ve once again enlisted the help of the lovely ladies at Average Janes to give us some top advice on what to get your girlfriend for Christmas. We’ve got five guides coming out over the next couple of weeks to help you solve your Christmas present dilemmas. This time round, Libby give us some top advice on Booze and Chocolate to treat your girlfriend with this Christmas.

Does your girlfriend enjoy a tipple on Christmas Day? Or maybe she has a sweet tooth? Well, either way, booze or chocolate go down very well in our books as a perfect gift in a stocking, or as a welcome addition to the main present. Here comes the hard part: is she a whiskey girl? Or a gin enthusiast? A Thorntons fan? Or a raw chocolate eater? Don’t worry! Our handy guide should help you out…

Our Favourite Champagne

Mumm Grand Cordon

For pure festive spirit (sorry, not sorry) you can’t beat some bubbles at Christmas. The fabulous team at Mumm have brought out a new Grand Cordon just in time for seasonal celebrations. Not only does it taste tongue-tingling delicious, but is encased in an elegant bottle – with the gold eagle emblem stamped onto the neck and iconic red ribbon actually indented into the glass. There’s no doubt you’ll be an extremely popular chap if you turn up with this on Christmas day! Available from £39 from the Soho Wine Website.

Mumm Champagne Christmas Gift Guide

Our Favourite Gin

Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin 20cl

As big gin fans, we were intrigued by Warner Edwards Rhubarb gin. We feared the rhubarb taste would be overpowering, but boy were we wrong. It’s refreshing and delicious paired with Schweppes tonic and a slice of lemon or lime. Ideal as an extra stocking gift. Buy yours online from 31 Dover.

London Gin

This gin is crazy cool, from the colour and bottle design (so classy and insta-friendly) to the taste… bloody lovely. It’s distilled in small batches in the heart of London in pot stills (we’re not entirely sure what these are, but it sounds very Downtown Abbey-esque). The London Nº1 contains 12 different botanicals from around the world. Making it basically the perfect balance of everything, quite soft and mellow but flipping delicious. Be warned though it’s 47% alcohol (oh my). So be wise when measuring, and serving… It’s best served when embarking on family games at Christmas. Available from the London Gin Website.

TOP GIN TIP: Don’t scrimp on tonic if you’re buying fancy gin. Fever Tree tonic is a great one – it even comes in different flavours (Mediterranean, aromatic, elderflower). YUM. #bestboyfriendever

London Gin Christmas Gift

Our Favourite Whiskey

Johnnie Walker Blue 20cl Whiskey

If your girlfriend loves a whiskey on the rocks, then look no further. Johnnie Walker is rich and smoky, best served neat, with iced water on the side. As Scotch Whiskey goes, Johnnie Walker is an unrivaled masterpiece. Get her this and we’re sure she will be extremely thankful. Buy yours online from Alexander and James and it comes in lovely blue box.

Whisky Christmas Gift

Haig Club Whiskey

This first thing that strikes you about this whiskey is its very classy blue bottle – an elegant edition to any Janes liquor cupboard! Even better for your style points – this is David Beckham’s own brand of Scotch Grain Whiskey (yes, you heard us – the man even has his own whiskey = total dreamboat). With a smooth butterscotch taste, this whiskey is something a bit different to try this Christmas if your girlfriend is a Scotch lover. Get yours from all major supermarkets, including Waitrose, Asda and Sainsbury’s.

Haig Club for Christmas

Booze with a difference


If you are looking for something a little bit different then look no further than what we have here! Baileys have some festive treats for the year including their new XC and Pumpkin Spice, or why not try the new Mr Black Coffee Liquer, perfect for those that love their coffee!

Drinks with a Difference


Wine is always a firm favourite, but it doesn’t have to be straight from the Supermarket Shelf. This beautiful Sauvignon Blanc from Garmence is so incredibly smooth and has a lovely bottle to boot.

Or why not think about a book for your wine lover? Life’s too Short to Drink Bad Wine is an ace start!

Wine Lover Christmas Gift

Our Favourite Beer

Beers of Europe Flavoured Beers

Online alcohol retailer ‘Beers of Europe’ has an extensive collection of booze with affordable price tags and cheap home delivery. We were lucky enough to taste-test a mixture of fruity flavours, including Fruli strawberry, Timmermans peach and Floris raspberry beer, and they were absolutely delicious. If your girlfriend loves flavoured beer, this is the best place to get it! Head over to the Beers of Europe Website and get your girlfriend a gift she’ll love.

Cherry Beers for Chistmas

Lindeman’s Cherry Beer

If your loved one isn’t a huge spirits drinker, but enjoys beer and cider, we can guarantee she will enjoy Lindeman’s cherry beer. Its sharp and full-bodied flavour gives way to a perfect balance between sweet and sour. The red bottle even gives off a Christmas-y vibe! Buy yours online from the Beer Merchants Website.

Our Favourite Chocolate

Thorntons Chocolate

Chocolates always go down a treat at Christmas, and Thorntons are a firm favourite of ours. There’s something for everyone, and we love these two big selection boxes of Classics and Mint Classics (perfect for after that big Christmas dinner!). Perfect if you’re snuggling up for some Christmas films with your girlfriend – or even better if you’re headed round to her family. Nothing adds extra boyfriend points like turning up with a big box of chocs! Get yours in a Thornton’s store, major supermarkets or via the Thornton’s Website.

Chocolate Christmas Gifts

The Raw Chocolate Company

For those girlfriends and family members who are vegan, gluten intolerant or health conscious, The Raw Chocolate Company provide a range of chocolate bars and snacks that will fill many stockings this December. The Raw Chocolate covered in mulberries and goji berries have a particularly festive taste to them, with the cacao ingredient providing you with that strong chocolate hit. The Raw Chocolate almonds are also a good gift idea, having won a Gold Star in this year’s Great Taste Awards. With many accolades assigned to the company’s products, together with the goodhearted principles of fair trade and organic, The Raw Chocolate products are the philanthropic chocolate present to give this Christmas. Prices range from £0.99 to £5.99, available via the Raw Chocolate Website.

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