What Your Girlfriend Wants for Christmas: The Hygge-Perfect Home

At this time of the year, us Joes can struggle when it comes to buying our Janes gifts that show a bit more thought than the Christmas Eve dash around the high street. So, this year we’ve once again enlisted the help of the lovely ladies at Average Janes to give us some top advice on what to get your girlfriend for Christmas. We’ve got five guides coming out over the next couple of weeks to help you solve your Christmas present dilemmas. This time round, the Becky and Libby give us some top advice on treating your girlfriend to some hygge-perfect home gifts.

Embracing the Danish art of ‘Hygge’ (pronounced hue-gah) was all the rage in 2016. For those of you wondering what on earth it means, it’s essentially a Danish lifestyle concept that roughly translates to cosiness.

So Joes, it’s time to help your girlfriend on her quest to create the perfect hygge home and we are here to help. From cosy loungewear to beautiful Denby mugs we offer you some ideas for hygge-style Christmas gifts.

Baylis & Harding Sweet Mandarin and Grapefruit Candle

Candles sum up the Hygge experience. Creating a soft, cost atmosphere for cold winter nights. We love this Baylis & Harding one – with 3 wicks, it means you get all that glowy benefit, without having to faff around with several different small candles. The gorgeous mandarin and grapefruit scent will fill your girlfriend’s home with a comforting ambience. Available from the Lloyd’s Pharmacy Website and in stores.

A Candle

Wooden Geometric Ducks Wall Art

Just because we are going minimal, doesn’t mean we can’t have art adorning our walls. We love this modern take on the classic ‘Ducks on the Wall’ that we used to see going up our Nan’s stairs. They are Geometric and can be requested in left or right hand flight. Available from Create Gift Love for just £32. Bargain.

Geometric Modern Wall Ducks

Hyde and Sleep Luxury Pillows

When you need to create the perfect space, one area you won’t want to skimp on is the bedroom. Not only must it look fab, it needs to ensure you have a great nights sleep. The new Hyde and Sleep Cooling Pillows get both. They fill any pillowcase to the max for a fab look but have a reverible memory foam / soft fibre pillow no matter what your taste.

Hyde and Sleep Pillow

SONY GTK-XB5 Wireless Speakers

Creating a cosy setting with speakers may sound strange, but music is a key element to help immerse oneself into a hygge atmosphere. There’s nothing nicer than lounging on the sofa with a hot chocolate in hand listening to beautiful sounds of Ludovico Einaudi coming out of a stereo. Plus when you are done hygge-ing and want to get the party started with a bunch of your friends, the Extra Bass option on the speakers creates an incredible sound.

Wireless and flexible, they are super easy to use. All your girlfriend will need to do is turn her Bluetooth on via her phone, download the free Songpal app and enjoy listening to all of her favourite tunes. For high power home audio, you can even connect multiple stereos together and have music playing throughout the house. Another quirky plus is the line and speaker lights that play in time to the music, perfect for creating a club-style party atmosphere. The speakers come four different colours: red, green, blue and black. Buy yours online from Amazon for £220.


Aduna Storage Tins

If your girlfriend is a homebody, and loves nothing more than a good cup of tea or coffee, these stylish Aduna storage tins are a great way for her to keep her favourite food items fresh. Inspired by African super-ingredients, these colourful tins will brighten any kitchen shelf. We love the cacao bean design. Available from the Aduna Website.

Denby Mugs and Espresso Cups

Let your girlfriend get her Hygge on by snuggling up with a large cup of tea or hot chocolate and a good book, with these stylish Denby mugs. We think the simple grey and white design has a definite Scandinavian vibe going on, completing the Hygge feel! If you’re more of a morning couple, treat her to these gorgeous Denby espresso cups – we love their pretty pattern which will look very stylish in any kitchen. The Denby range is available from John Lewis.


Citrus Zinger Sport Gift Pack

Hygge is all about wellbeing, so this season, give your girlfriend the gift of life – water (not a baby, don’t worry). The Citrus Zinger is designed to make staying hydrated exciting, refreshing and delicious. It’s also pretty damn stylish! Part practical and part creative, create your own infusions using fresh fruit such as lemons, limes or cucumber. Connoisseurs can also add honey, ginger or agave syrup to their concoctions. The gift pack comes with everything a girl needs to prepare fruit-infused drinks for a run, spa day, or office water bottle. The Zinger would also be ideal for any impending January detox! There’s a detachable citrus press, cucumber ribbon slicer and kiwi fruit reamer that releases juice and pulp into your water, but keeps that icky, hairy skin separate. We loved the lemon and cucumber infusions. It’s also carbonated liquid-friendly – so hellooo cocktail infusions! Available for £20 from Root 7.


Finally, why not get your girlfriend some cosy clothes or PJs to lounge around in while she’s enjoying her Hygge-perfect home? She might not thank you for the proverbial socks, but we reckon a nice snuggly jumper or soft pyjamas show a bit of thought and are perfect for cuddling up on winter nights! Here’s two of our top recommendations:

Jockey PJs

These super-soft PJs were made for cosy winter nights. Pretty enough to lounge around in for breakfast, and warm enough for the perfect excuse for getting snuggled under the duvet together. We love the pretty lace detailing around the top, and there’s also a shorts version available for when the summer months finally roll around. Available from the Jockey Website.

Rohan Jersey Hoodie

Sometimes nothing beats taking of your work clothes and throwing on your comfiest leggings and a soft hoodie. This Rohan one is perfect – ideal for outdoor wear, but also soft and comfortable (due to the merino fabric) enough to wear inside while you lounge around making dinner and watching Netflix. It’s crease-resistant so ideal for popping into packing if you’re travelling a lot to visit family over the festive period. If you’re both lovers or outdoor walks or have a dog, then this also functions as fabulous – and stylish – outdoor wear, with all of Rohan’s technical expertise poured into making a lightweight, breathable fabric. Available from the Rohan Website and UK stores.


So, there you have it – everything you need to help your girlfriend have a Hygge-perfect Christmas!

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