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When Translations go wrong

You know those crappy emails that do the rounds and are sent to everyone at work? Well the one I got this morning actually tickled me a little so I thought I would take the best ones and share with you all. This is lost in translation, when people translate into English but may not quite get it right… I hope it will make your Friday pass that little bit easier.

When Translations go wrong

Oooo Matron...

When Translations go wrong 2

Nokia are still on the slide it seems

Funny Translations

Fire in the hole!

Funny Translations 2

Poor Wang

Fresh Herpes...?

Least it's not old herpes...

Funny Translations 3

Oh, I'm glad someone can

Funny Translations 4

Sounds like one of my ex's

Funny Translations 5

Everything in life can be portable then...

Funny Translations 6

Elmo may not be for kids...

Funny Translations 7

The machines are coming!

Funny Translations 8

Will that work in the wash?

Funny Translations 9

Please sir, not in public.

Argh Fire

Argh Fire!!!

Know of any others? Which is your favourite? Let us know…

And if you chuckled at this, you will probably wet yourself at our auto correct texts.

Some images supplied by with kind permission.



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