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Which is best? Gas or Charcoal BBQ?

The upcoming Easter bank holidays marks the official launch of the BBQ season (had 2 this week already! – joe) ! After a long cold winter we can finally look forward to afternoons in the beer garden followed by an evening of entertaining with a BBQ. The big question is, which is best? A Gas BBQ or a traditional Charcoal BBQ? This age old question has given us blokes something intellectual and mildly interesting to discuss every summer.

So in the red corner we have the Charcoal BBQ. The traditional method of creating a BBQ is a firm favourite amongst the old school kids as it involves creating fire and playing with matches, and as you know, being able to create a fire pretty much qualifies you as a man (we don’t make the rules, we just enforce them). A charcoal BBQ is cheaper than gas, gives your food a natural BBQ flavour and you get to poke at hot coals for an hour, so it ticks alot of our boxes.


Sitting in the 21st century blue corner we have the Gas BBQ. With a gas BBQ you get instant heat, variable temperatures, closable hoods and they’re easier to clean. All good points, but, that still doesn’t quite do it for me. Technically, and I will get technical, it is just a mobile oven that costs quite a bit of money and has more dials and tech attached to it than a Vauxhall Corsa. You will also look like a bit of a tool telling your mates the maximum temperature of the BBQ whilst you fiddle around with the knobs and dials adjusting the heat by 1 degree. Ok so I’m not a massive fan of gas BBQ’s but they do sell at a premium with some models on Amazon going for almost £3500, holy….


Overall, if you are cooking for a large group of people, or need a quick fix BBQ then gas will be your proven weapon of choice. If you are old school, and prefer the quality then the Charcoal is going to win every time. Your other option (and don’t count them out) is the old disposable BBQ’s – available for next to nothing and perfect for a small group, festival or beach BBQ. Go hunt some down now!

So my vote is going to the old school charcoal BBQ, it’s a classic and by far the best. Whats your favourite? Gas or BBQ? Let us know what you think in the poll below or head over to Facebook and vote.

Which is best? Gas or Charcoal BBQ?

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Also don’t forget to come back, we will be sharing our top BBQ tips over the next few weeks to make sure yours is a sure fire success!




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