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Whiskey Christmas Gifts

Whiskey is a great drink. People love it. Especially Ron Burgundy. So, to help give people what they want for a festive gift, we’ve put together a list of special whiskeys and whiskey related goods and services that should help you make them super happy. Alternatively, just pick something you like of this list and keep it for yourself.

I love scotch. Scotchy scotch scotch. Here it goes down, down into my belly.

Macallan masters of photography: Mario Testino edition

One of the biggest names in whiskey partners up with one of the biggest names in fashion photography to produce a special, signature single malt. Put together with six of Mario Testino’s shots which capture the very essence of the ultimate party. Shot in China, these apparently all combine to showcase ‘the vibrancy and luxury of the Macallan world, infused with subtle eclecticism and cultural allusions’ – sure, why not?

Sullivans cove cellar master

Ever fancied yourself a whole barrel of whiskey? Sullivans Cove are offering you just that chance, to select your barrel and then have it mature over 2 years before you can have it bottled and take it home. Yours, all yours! You can also visit any time you want over those 2 years to test it whilst it matures. Of course, if you want this for Christmas, you’ve got to have a lot of patience as it won’t be under the tree in a bottle till 2016.

Home Brew Barrel

If you don’t fancy waiting 2 years and spending that much, perhaps the home brew kit is up your alley? It’s a far cry from brewing booze in your bathtub, as it comes with absolutely everything you need to get going, including an oak barrel from Kentucky, the spirits and a funnel. This + Time = Whiskey. Simple, easy, and you only have to wait a few months… but we’d recommend waiting a bit longer.

Buy from Firebox.

Jim Beam Kentucky Fire

Perhaps not for the whiskey purist, maybe for the adventurous young whiskey lover, looking for a bit of a thrill and something different. The concept of cinnamon spiced whiskey is something far more popular in the United States, and Jim Beam are looking to crack that nut with their cinnamon spiced Kentucky Fire. Sweet, spicy, and expertly flavoured, its something to look out for on the shelves for yourself or for someone else for Christmas.

Blade Runner Whiskey glass

Having a great whiskey is one thing, but being able to drink it is another. Straight out of the bottle is a no-no chaps, no matter how desperate you are. Whilst some of the classic crystal makers have some of the classiest whiskey snifters around, we reckon the Blade Runner glass is a much better style and personality match for us.

Haig Club

Quite possibly the coolest advert of 2014, but then what do you expect. A single malt backed by Diageo with Simon Fuller and David Beckham at the helm. Advert directed by Guy Ritchie, soundtrack by Alt-J, it just screams success. Although we have to say the bottle does look a little like aftershave..

Jura 1984 vintage

The 1984 Vintage Jura is quite a feat. In homage to the great George Orwell who wrote the ludicriously inspired 1984 on the isle of Jura, they’ve produced 1,984 bottles in this limited run of malt whiskey. Rare, richly aromatic with some distinctly Christmassy notes of mulled wine, ginger and banana cake, the 1984 Vintage would make a superb festive gift! If you can find one!

Whiskey club membership

What is this you ask? Well, there are different kinds of “whiskey clubs” out there. These range from the online stores that will give you early access to limited editions, send you samples and let you order tastings whenever you fancy, to exclusive members’ only venues which offer you like-minded company, the best selections of whiskeys and all at a premium to keep the riffraff out!

Limited edition johnnie walker® gold label reserve™ exclusive travellers’ edition

If you happen to be passing through an airport within the next few weeks, keep an eye out in duty free for a rather attractively packaged limited edition Johnny Walker Gold Label Reserve Travellers’ Edition. It won’t be in regular stores, and not that many people will have picked one of these up. It has a little bit of wow factor, and it won’t kill your bank by buying it.

There we have it, our top gifts for Whiskey Lovers, helping you get the perfect Whiskey Christmas Gifts!



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