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Who the F*ck is Dan Bilzerian?

Who is this guy that keeps appearing all over, well, everywhere. We can’t browse Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even the whole internet without his rugged charm and beard. We take a look at the man that is making headlines for ‘living the dream’ in some peoples eyes, and ask. Who the F*ck is Dan Bilzerian?

Playboy, poker player and actor (sort of). Or by his own summary on his Instagram account – Actor, Astronaut, Asshole. Either way, every man in the World seems to be watching him with envy, and an increasing amount of women with intrigue. His ridiculous yet somehow connectible lifestyle seems to be making all the headlines.

Whilst current pictures may just depict women and guns, Dan was formerly in the Navy, before seaking to join the SEALS, only to be kicked out just before graduation and given an honourable discharge. Turning to poker shortly after (his younger brother is also a professional poker player) and becoming famous for his lavish lifestyle. Yes, we may all want to head and become and professional poker player, but you should know Dan is not entirely self made. Yes he has made some $50 million from poker (according to himself), but he didn’t start from scratch in his local village hall or online like most. His father (Paul) has been likened to Jordan Belfort (No idea why, we assume it is the Playboy Connection!), but is a self made businessman who made his money on Wall Street, apparently doing some not so legitimate deals which did end up in him getting arrested. As such Dan has a fair few trust funds laying around to backup his of crazy lifestyle, and that first bankroll is always easier when it is pretty huge!

On the surface Dan Bilzerian may be a terribly crass and over indulgent social phenomenon, but he goes deeper than that. He is obviously very opinionated, but in a refreshing and brutally honest way which allows people to connect with him. He is well aware that people may have a low opinion of him, but ultimately who cares, turn off, tune out. They don’t need to see him. He seems to be a calculated man, a man with an end game, and you can’t help feel he is playing chess, the long game, putting all the pieces in place for something bigger.

Dan does like the limelight, after being a stuntman in the terrible film that is Olympus Has Fallen, he invested a reported 1 million dollars in Lone Survivor (Mark Wahlberg) but is currently starting court action after he was cut from the final cut. Perhaps we have become too serious, after all his instagram account isn’t. It’s all fun, frolics and the seriousness of guns.

Whilst the IT Girl may have become famous for their party lifestyles 10 years ago, the invent of social media has perhaps given us the first man to become A-List because of their lifestyle. Men around the world aspire to be him, whilst it seems women aspire to be with him. We just hope it’s not their life goal.

Check out the Dan Bilzerian Instagram to follow his roller-coaster, and we have some of our favourites below.



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