WikiLeaks Film – Fifth Estate Film Trailer

WikiLeaks and Julian Assange is one of the most interesting stories to hit our screens, papers, desks and everything else in the last few years. This whistleblower, the traitor, the visionary, everyone has their opinion but what is the story? Well we hope to find out with the launch of the film, and the Fifth Estate Film Trailer.

Based on real events, Benedict Cumberbatch stars a WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for a feature film telling the story of the rise, and the subsequent fall of one of the most controversial websites the world has ever seen. Daniel Brühl plays Assange’s ‘partner in crime‘ Daniel Domscheit-Berg.

It is sure to be an intriguing movie, and one of the most anticipated of the year perhaps. How much truth will actually be revealed? Unfortunately we will never know…

The Fifth Estate Film Releases on the 18 October 2013.