We love an immersive show here at Average Joes and wrote about the craze taking off all the way back in 2016. Since then, we’ve seen the craze take over London’s entertainment scene with bigger and bolder shows getting the immersive makeover. But one of the more outlandish immersive shows (on paper at least) will be arriving in London in September with a production of The Wolf of Wall Street.

An Immersive ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Show Is Coming to London

Yes, telling the story of former stockbroker Jordan Belfort, as depicted by Leonardo Di Caprio in Martin Scorsese’s film, an immersive theatre show of The Wolf of Wall Street will be arriving in the capital later in the year, with “misogyny and depravity at the core of the story.”

Set across four floors at a secret location, the show will allow audience members to become either a crooked Wall Street trader at the prestigious firm Stratton Oakmont or sign up with the FBI to investigate the firm’s illegal activities. Audiences are invited to dress in ‘90s American office attire’ with the set featuring a restaurant, several bars and even ‘supercars’.


The Wolf of Wall Street’s producers Louis Hartshorn and Brian Hook claimk there’s no better way to tell the story than through immersive theatre, saying it will explore “the extremes of capitalism and hedonistic behaviour,” adding that “our guests can expect the outrageous, the spectacular and the downright ridiculous.”

Tickets for The Wolf of Wall Street are now on sale over at the Immersive Wolf Website, where tickets cost £59.95 and £100. There’ll also be a lottery for £10 and £25 tickets with shows set to start on 5th September and until 19th January 2020.


In other immersive news, earlier this year Disney confirmed its immersive Star Wars world ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ will be opening as early as 31st May at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim and on 29th August at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Bay Lake, Florida.



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