Wolverine Film Review

Wolverine needs no introduction. The most loved character of the hugely successful X-Men Franchise and a part that Hugh Jackman has very much made his own. But what of the latest instalment, much hype, but will it live up to it? Read on for our Wolverine Film Review.

Billed as a darker, more sombre story based around Logan and his somewhat alter ego Wolverine, it loosely follows the original comic Wolverine Miniseries where Logan travels to Japan to say goodbye to a former solider (played by Hal Yamanouchi) whom he saved the life of some 50 years previous. On visiting, Jackman becomes embroiled in a web of mystery and deceit, fighting what seems like friend, foe and everyone in-between protecting the Grand Daughter of the man he saved, Mariko, played by the tall and quite beautiful Tao Okamoto.

Although action packed, with some fight scenes of the highest order, the film is far from dark. Too many planted one liners and forced laughs nearly make you want Wolverine to actually die from one of his 711 gun shot wounds and put the poor guy out of his misery. Though I am sure some would argue this humor adds to the film, there were just a few too many for my liking.


As the story unfolds, it comes across disjointed at best, and even with thick and fast action in-front of a Japanese backdrop, you may struggle through the 126 minute running time. Flashbacks and the appearances of Famke Janssen’s cleavage do little to hide the cracks, in-fact they may make them more apparent… We are glad that James Mangold took the helm, it adds a little spice to a potential train wreck and gives us a much more cinematic product and a slightly different take on the usual super hero all manic action. The added spice of Wolverine perhaps not being as immortal as we all thought does allow for a slightly longer grip on your senses, but the middle just seems to meander a little too long for comfort.

The cast is nearly unknown, Will Yun Lee who plays the archer Harada portrays the background sulking hero saver very well, popping up with an arrow or two whenever needed. A success in the film and an actor to watch out for in the near future we are sure. Viper played by Svetlana Khodchenkova stands out for obvious reasons, though you can’t help but cast your mind to Poison Ivy and Uma Thurman (not that it’s a bad thing!) nearly all of the way through, and we never really got to the bottom of her true motivation, no mutant does it purely for the money do they….?


That isn’t the only crossover and hinting towards other super heroes and villains, a Japanese Yoroi Clad Robot looks like it fell straight off the dodgy lorry on the way back from the Iron Man set, though there is always something lurking beneath that armour.

I wasn’t a huge X-Men / Wolverine fan before this film, and it certainly hasn’t changed my mind. For me personally the film was a little too try hard. From the obvious one liners to Jean’s cleavage in your face it just didn’t seem to flow like you expected it to. A must for fans of the X-Men Franchise, for the rest of us, maybe wait until the DVD.

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