Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:08 pm

World War Z Official Trailer

One of our top films to look out for in 2013, the latest World War Z official trailer has been released. Starring Brad Pitt as a UN officer trying to save the world from a zombie epidemic (or at least his family),  it is sure to be an all out action hit. Every zombie film seemingly picks something different to make it stand out, whether its thinking zombies, humorous zombies, slow zombies or fast zombies. The World War Z adaptation appears to follow suit, picking SUPER fast zombies! This goes totally against the book from which it was adapted, however since it is adapter by its author, Max Brooks, here’s hoping it has the same style that made the book a hit. World War Z also features Matthew Fox, Mireille Enos and Daniella Kertesz, check out the all new extended World War Z Official Trailer below.




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