Gala Casino have announced the World’s First Ice Casino will be launching this Winter in Sweden! Construction will commence in November this year, with the season lasting until April depending on the weather.

World’s First Ice Casino

The casino will be the first of its kind, and will be situated under the iconic northern lights of Scandinavia. With a classic Igloo outer shell design, the building will house all the usual casino games, but will have to be played in a temperature of -5.

The Gala Ice Casino will house a number of features designed to help players keep their cool. Incredibly all roulette, poker and Blackjack tables, chairs and drinking glasses will be made from ice. Even the chips and dice will be carved from ice!

Following the clean lines of the Igloo inspired design, elements such as the bar, windows and group dining tables will all be circular. There will even be a daily changing ice sculpture inside the casino as well as a snow garden outside.

Professors from the Institute of Polar Science in London, carried out extensive research into the effects of cold temperatures on player performance to ensure this could still function properly as a casino. They used focus groups in temperature control environments. Participants were asked to take part in various casino games where the temperature of the room ranged from a toasty 22 degrees, right down to -5.

Professor Bight from the Institute comments: “We monitored the performance of the players and found significant differences when the temperature reached the lowest point. Players were concentrating more, making more calculated decisions and ultimately racking up significant winnings, compared to the games conducted in warmer temperatures.”

By the sounds of it, we’ll be beating the house more than usual there too! It sounds incredibly Bond, which means we fully approve. The Ice Casino will naturally melt in the spring and summer season, so will have to be reconstructed later each year.




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