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Wrestling Legends Posters

Now anyone over the age of 25 may well fall in love right here. Back then we weren’t lucky enough to have MMA and most our fighting entertainment came from what was formally known as the WWF (Now WWE of course after the Panda’s fought back). Everyone had their favourite, for me it was of course the Undertaker, or the Legion of Doom, for others, well we all had our reasons.

Artist ‘Bam it’s Bertie’ has produced a series of 12 minimalist posters featuring our favourite old school classic wrestlers from the WWF. Placing an outline of recognised features on to a plain background and of course their ‘signature move’.

Each limited edition poster is finished with the BAM moniker signature and in limited run from artist Bam it’s Bertie. Click the link to find out more and head to his ETSY shop.




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