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Your Signature Whisky Cave, with Grant’s Whisky

A good whisky (or whiskey depending on what you are drinking) is a very special thing. And a good whisky can be made great by your surroundings and where you decide to sit down and taste it. We have teamed up with Grant’s premium whisky, Signature, to help you pull together your perfect place for relaxation. Building your very own whisky cave.

A whisky cave is a place where you can escape the frenetic world around you, relax, and enjoy the perfect drink in the perfect surrounds. Don’t let that fool you into thinking your new found cave must be a place of solitude. Relaxing with your closest friends and discussing the day’s events or weekends sport is often the best way to relax.

Forget man cave, whisky cave is a step above. Grown up. A place of serenity, of classically tempered opulence, somewhere you can focus and simultaneously drift away. It isn’t a room that is packed full of gadgets, gizmos, flat screen TVs, lay-z-boys and beer fridges like everybody else’s. Your whisky cave is a much better.

If done right your whisky cave should become a hub. A hub for friends and people to gather. Sharing stories, the day’s events or perhaps even something a little more frantic. Like Boggle (seriously). Just remember to tell everyone to bring a bottle..

What to serve

Styled after a Ron Burgundy fashion, with a room that smells of mahogany and with many leather bound books. The first and most important centrepiece of your whisky cave is, well, your whisky. But whisky doesn’t need to come straight up. When you are relaxing with friends or have some mates over to soak it all in (or maybe squeeze in a little football) then something a little lighter will be required. That something lighter is cocktails! Forget pink, fluffy and served with 12 umbrellas. Cocktails are back in vogue and to be enjoyed by anyone.
Our favourite summer choice has to be the Mizuwari. Born in Asia, it is as refreshing and simple as they come; 50ml Grant’s Signature, two dashes of Angostura bitters, top with San Pellegrino. Served over ice in a highball glass and add an orange twist if you fancy.


What you house your drinks in is incredibly important. As well as whisky you will have other ‘ingredients’ to help you entertain. There are, really, only two options available:

  • The cabinet
  • The shelf

Cabinets come in all shapes and sizes, but don’t feel you have to keep to the norm. Whilst a large dark, wooden cabinet, with a beautiful glass display front may seem the standard, we love something different. Why not an upended trunk or old suitcase with some DIY shelves?

Grant's Whisky Signature Cave

Alternatively, depending on wall space, having shelves is a great way of really showing off the whiskies you’ve collected, especially when employing a lighting solution fit for a king.
Coupled with the two above choices is whether or not you want your own personal bar space. If you’re set on shelves adorning the walls of your whisky cave, you really have to opt for putting in your own modest bar space. It will give you somewhere to congregate with friends and give you added table area.

The real pride here could come if you made your own. Check out this one made from recycled pallets on Pinterest. Simple, recycled and stylish. What more could you ask for?
We recommend upcycled, locally sourced materials to provide the right finish and suitable story behind your bar.

Without a doubt, the most iconic and classic seating required is the English Chesterfield sofa and/or armchair. A chesterfield is a perfect companion in your whisky cave, as it commands attention in either dark red, green or brown leather, and provides the right level of comfort. It should look enticing, and be both firm and comfortable. You want to rest on it rather than sink into it, it will hold you up straight and keep you attentive, but not be so uncomfortable you feel like you’re sitting on a plank of wood.

Drink ware

What you serve your whisky in says more about you than you might realise. Did you know there were over 97 officially recognised different types of whisky glass? No. We made that up. Who would ‘officially recognise’ a glass anyway?! Regardless, you need the right kind. Whisky tumblers are a category of glass all unto themselves, coming in many shapes and weights, but almost always the same size.

We are fans of the classic tumbler which is slightly heavier due to the thicker base. This provides a good weight and balance in the hand. For lack of a better description, it feels more manly to be drinking from it than the more curved, aromatic tumblers. It is best for taking your whisky straight, on the rocks or if you fancy an Old Fashioned. A fun twist on this design are the rather cool Blade Runner whisky tumblers.

Grant's Whisky Signature


The walls, the floor, the furniture and the lighting should all be working in harmony. It should be a room that is darker than outside, but not dark enough to send you to sleep. When you’ve put all this together, you should be creating the perfect whisky cave. It is every thinking man’s fortress of solitude: a man’s Mecca for relaxation, whisky appreciation and thoughtfulness. It’s a great place to escape to after dinner when entertaining, at the end of the day to unwind or just when you want to close yourself off from the world. Its 2015, the world is moving at a frightening pace and your whisky cave is the place you can go to really just be yourself; relax with a Grant’s Signature in your hand; and somewhere you can set the world to rights, or not, it’s up to you.

That has covered how to create your signature whisky cave. So invite your friends round and bask in the glory of your new found home and place of joy.
In the second part of our series we will show you how to stock your cave, what to drink within it and how you can be the envy of your friends with BBQ style and cocktails to suit!



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