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Petr Stolín Architekt's Zen Houses Strike The Perfect Balance Between Work and Living

While we love spending time with our families at Christmas, we can’t go the whole festive period without having a disagreement or two with at least one of them. If we’re not alone, then we think we’ve found a solution in these ‘Zen Houses’ by architect Petr Stolín.

Petr Stolín Architekt’s Zen Houses are based on a philosophy of simplifying the definitions of housing and development, with the rooms in the house defined by the perimeter of the houses. As such, the Zen House comes with three separate living areas – two ‘pods’ and an inner atrium – creating public, semi-public and private areas.

The simplicity and severity of the external structure is inspired by contemporary Japanese architecture. The twin structures measure in at 3m wide, with each half complemented by large mezzanine levels and private courtyards. So plenty of space for large families who bicker!

Zen House 7
Built using basic production modules called SIP (Structural Insulated Panel), one ‘pod’ is painted white and is used as a creative space, while the other comes with black walls and is used primarily as the living space.

Zen House 6
The inner spaces of Stolín’s designs all flow towards the abodes vistas creating a unique spatial experience. Inside, you’ll find postmodern decoration with the pods made from a variety of materials including chipboard, wooden beams, plywood, and raw metal with the houses clad in acrylic panels.

You can check out more of Petr Stolín’s designs over at the Petr Stolín Architekt Website.

Zen House 4
Zen House 3
Zen House 2
Zen House 5



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