Last updated on March 7th, 2018 at 05:08 pm

Amazon's Geometric ‘The Spheres’ HQ Opens in Seattle

Amazon have finally opened ‘The Spheres’ for its headquarters in Seattle, a set of glass orbs filled with ‘cloud forest’ gardens aimed at providing work areas for employees and green space for the local public.

Located in between Amazon-occupied offices in Downtown Seattle, The Spheres were designed by American architecture firm NBBJ and comprise of three connected, green-filled glass domes which emulates ‘historic conservatories like Kew Gardens’.

The three glazed orbs are constructed from 620 tons of steel, with the largest ‘sphere’ measuring in at around 27m tall and 39m in diameter. The entire structure is covered in 2,643 panes of clear glass and share an open-plan space which is filled with over 40,000 plants from around the world and various viewing platforms.


Many of the plant species at The Spheres are from cloud-forest ecosystems, which are typified by cool, humid conditions. As such, the geometric structures operate on a ‘diurnal cycle’ where temperatures are higher during the day but humidity is also lower.


As well as being a ‘direct link to nature’ for up to 800 Amazon employees at any one time with work areas and meeting places, it’s also a place for locals to relax. As such, the layout is guided by timber decking, floating staircases, terraces and water features, and includes a four-storey wall covered in living organisms.

The opening of The Spheres marks a busy month for Amazon who unveiled the 20 finalists for its coveted second headquarters this week. They also announced the first ever Amazon Go, a convenience store in Seattle where shoppers simply walk out with their groceries and pay for them later.




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