Banksy Opens His ‘Gross Domestic Product’ Online Store

Following a pop-up shop in Croydon, Banksy has released items from his artwork installation on an online shop after the artist claimed he was forced to release branded merchandise following legal action from an unnamed greeting-card company that was trying to ‘seize legal custody’ of his name. As such, you can now buy Banksy glitterball riot helmets, CCTV baby mobiles and a stab-proof vest.

Yes, Banksy’s Gross Domestic Product now has an online shop, with products selling on the website from as little as £10 for an empty spray paint can named ‘Black’ to £850 for the Union Jack stab-proof vest that British rapper Stormzy wore during his headline set at Glastonbury.

There are 22 items in total currently listed on the website, ranging from a clutch bag made from a brick, to more practical pieces such as a t-shirt with his well-known ‘Girl with Balloon’ painting on it. There’s also a rug designed to look like the corpse of Tony the tiger and a ceiling mounted baby mobile with rows of CCTV cameras attached to it.


Purchases are limited to one item per person with buyers required to register their interest by submitting a registration form on the website. As part of the application, you’ll need to answer the question; “Why does art matter?” Sales will be decided based on people’s answers to the tie-breaker question.

Successful applicants for the items on Gross Domestic Product will be notified by email within two weeks of submitting their answers, and will be sent a link to a private checkout to complete their purchase. Any incomplete transactions will then be offered to other shoppers. Find out more over at the Gross Domestic Product Website.


Last year, Banksy released a behind-the-scenes documentary of his ‘Girl With a Balloon’ artwork self-destructing after being sold at Sotheby’s auction for £860,000 plus fees.