Bentley Home: Ultimate luxury for your home?

Bentley Motors are known for their exquisite craftsmanship and they apply that to every car they make. But what if you wanted the same level of design and quality in your home too? Well Bentley Home have got you covered. They recently announced their Newent Collection which includes sofas, beds and armchairs. Made in Italy and designed by the renowned Carlo Colombo for Bentley.

The Newent creations are the latest additions to the Bentley Home collection. Bentley Home is “synonymous with exquisite craft and innovation. The comfort and harmony of the shapes, as well as the expressive silhouettes of the collection, are the key features of the Newent line.”

According to Bentley, the Newent sofa is the star of the collection. There is also a stunning armchair, chair and bed available to match. Each piece can be either fully upholstered in the customer’s choice of “sumptuous” leather or fabric, or with a veneered frame.

Available in an iconic walnut briarwood design, the frame envelops “the curved profile of the sofa, highlighting and enhancing the differing angles that characterise its elegant, tapered shape.”

This is first time I’ve seen anything from Bentley home but the press release. says “The curves of the Newent designs, echo those of the iconic Richmond Collection, the first Bentley Home line, launched in 2013. This distinguished previous collection has provided a source of inspiration for the Newent line, and allowed the design structure to progress to softer shapes, exploring the freedom of sinuous lines.”

The designs are clearly stunning and if you happen to have a Bentley on your driveway then these might be the perfect items to continue that superior luxury experience within your home. This kind of luxury doesn’t come cheap though:

Prices starting from (VAT not included):

  • Newent Armchair

 €: 8.650, £: 7.440, $: 9.040

  • Newent Sofa

€: 14.070, £: 12.100, $: 14.710

  • Newent Bed

€: 11.430, £: 9.830, $: 11.950

  • Newent chair

€: 4.050, £: 3.480, $: 4.230

What do you think of the Bentley Home Newent range? Is this kind of luxury worth the price? Let us know in the comments.