Those who suffer from vertigo; look away now. Italian architects and researchers, Roberto Dini and Stefano Girodo have just released images for a prefabricated shelter they’ve constructed on the edge of a mountain peak in the Italian Alps, designed for mountaineers needing shelter for the night.

This Mountaintop Shelter Sits Precariously in the Italian Alps

Named Bivouac Luca Pasqualetti, the mountainside retreat is located 3,290 metres high in the Morion Ridge near Valpelline in Italy. The building was developed in collaboration with LEAPfactory for a group of local alpine guides who wanted to encourage exploration of “forgotten routes”.

Due to its remote location and extreme weather conditions where temperatures have been known to drop below -20°C, Bivouac Luca Pasqualetti had to be prefabricated into four high-strength composite panels made from wood and steel before it could be flown up to location by helicopter. Once on site, the panels were slotted together on temporary metal foundations within a day.


The result is a small metal-clad hut which features a pitched roof (referencing the jagged peaks of the Morion ridge) and is split into two spaces; one for day and one for night. The daytime area has eight seats with a table for food preparation and storage compartments integrated into the wall.


The day area also has a glazed gable for panoramic views over the surrounding mountain range, while the night time area at the rear of the shelter has two platforms that contains eight beds for a group of hikers. The shelter is completed by a small battery-powered solar panel for lighting.

Photography is by Roberto Dini, Stefano Girodo, Grzegorz Grodzicki and Adele Muscolino.


Another mountainside cabin which’ll take your breath away is Skýli. Located in the Icelandic mountains, the tent-like shelter provides a remote retreat for trekkers so they can withstand the extreme weather conditions.



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