Carling Has Redesigned Its Pint Glass So You Can Carry Four at Once

Pub etiquette is important and no ritual is more important than making sure you get your round in. But when said round exceeds three pints, multiple trips to the bar are par for the course. That is, until now. Carling have just introduced a brand new interlocking pint glass specifically designed for carrying four pints at a time.

Yes, wider at the top and thinner at the bottom, the new Carling glass has vertical grooves on it which slot in to one another when held together, preventing the glasses from slipping around in your hands. They are also narrower in the middle, which makes it easier for you to get a good grip on four pints.

As if all these carrying features weren’t impressive enough, the glasses also feature a ‘nucleated’ bottom. We’re not entirely sure what that means but Carling suggest it keeps things carbonated, helping to keep your pint fresh.


Miranda Osborne, Brand Director at Carling, said: “We know our customers can feel uncomfortable leaving drinks on the bar because they can’t carry them all, so we wanted to design something that could help alleviate this problem. We hope people find getting pints in for friends a far more comfortable experience now.”

The new Carling glasses were dispersed at selected pubs across the country this Bank Holiday weekend, so you’ve no excuse not to get the rounds in. Find out more over at the Carling Website.


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