This Pillow Made for Spooning Is a Certified Game-Changer

Everybody loves a spoon. We love it, you love it, your partner loves it. But if you’ve ever partaken in the activity and played the part of ‘Big Spoon’, you’ll know just arduous it can be on your arms. Well, your prayers have been answered. No longer will dead arms be a worry while spooning thanks to the game-changing Coodle pillow!

Yes, US-based company Coodle has solved one of modern life’s pain the necks… or, arms… with a special pillow that makes spooning a much more comfortable activity for loving couples. It was invented by real-life couple Bob and Shirley, after Bob’s arm too one hell of a beating we presume.

Coodle is incredibly simple too with a memory foam pillow styled into an arch shape with plastic ribs. The result is a pillow which takes all the weight of the spoonee’s head off the spooner’s arm. It’s so perfect, we amazed we’ve never come across it before.


As well as being perfect for cuddling, the Coodle website also recommends you use its invention to prop yourself up when doing things like watching TV, or even just so you’re not lying completely flat in bed.

The Coodle spooning pillow is available to buy on the Coodle Website now, where it’s priced at around £49 ($65). However, there are two problem; 1) it’s currently sold out, and 2) unfortunately for Brits, it’s only available to our friends across the pond in the US. Here’s hoping a UK brand starts stocking it soon!


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