Marvel at ‘The Waterfall’ Aquatic Centre Planned for Copenhagen Harbour

Over the next few years, Copenhagen’s Paper Island will be going through mass development. And the latest building to be unveiled for the new area is the stunning Waterfall. Designed by COBE, the aquatic centre’s distinct roofline will mimic the same profile as the port’s current project, also devised by COBE.

The proposed Waterfall aquatic centre will form part of the redevelopment at Paper Island on Copenhagen’s harbour. The large public hall concept will play host to aquatic activities and facilities for clubs and associations, all of which will be connected by a continuous cascading flow of waterfalls.

Characterised by its distinctive roof motif, The Waterfall’s exterior is formed with large sloping surfaces and gables oriented towards the waterfront. The hope is that the aquatics centre will become part of the informal, vivid public life on Paper Island as well as placing it amongst some of the most important cultural institutions in Copenhagen.


Like all of the building on the Paper Island regeneration project, The Waterfall has been designed by COBE, a local architecture firm who specialise ‘local context, its social life and its users’. Designing everything from buildings, public space, and large scale urban planning, their overall aim is to create social interaction through all their projects.


On the inside of The Waterfall, a large public space is filled with a series of different pools and saunas. The namesake feature — a continuous waterfall — will flow through the interior, connecting the different activities to one another. There’s even plans for a rooftop pool giving views over Copenhagen Harbour.

Head over to the COBE Website to see more of their projects.


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