Going to the cinema is always going to be an experience in its own right. But after seeing images of the recently refurbished and neon-clad Delphi Lux Cinema in Berlin, we now want more from our local IMAX. Featuring seven screens, each theatre is distinctly styled with different coloured LED lights which characterise the cinema with a truly futuristic feel.

This Futuristic, Neon-Filled Cinema in Berlin is Completely Insane

Located in Berlin’s City West district, the Delphi Lux is like no other cinema we’ve ever come across. Designed and realised for Yorck Group by Berlin architects BATEK ARCHITEKTEN, the space features seven theatres, 600 seats, an extensive foyer, two bars and a box office, with each separate space designed to its own brief while still unified in theme.

Inside every auditorium, film lovers will find a mix of LED lights, neon glows, and geometric patterns in a single colourscape, resulting in a palpable futuristic atmosphere. Angular strips of light cut through the screens, while the various textile wall coverings hide ‘expertly installed sound distribution and damping’.


But it’s not just inside the screens that carry intrigued, at the entrances, each screen features a different exteriors. The wall of one theatre is decked in hand-painted pink hued diamond shaped tiles, while another is clad in knotted pinewood to evoke a backstage feel in contrast to the grandiose red interior inside.

Find out more about the Delphi Lux cinema over at the BATEK Website. Or, if you’re heading to Berlin and want to see the space for yourself, head over to the Yorck Website to book some tickets.


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