Continuing our search for the most interesting abodes on the planet, take a look at the incredible ‘Disappear Retreat’. Clad in reflective glass, the zero energy, zero waste and zero water Disappear Retreat integrates itself into any landscape, almost becoming invisible.

Take a Look at This Eco 'Invisible' Home in Minnesota

The ‘Disappear Retreat’ by COULSON is dedicated to integrating triple-zero performance into an almost invisible dwelling. The Minnesota-based firm are all about sustainability, with the design for the Retreat light, transparent, and environmentally innovative, seamlessly connecting the building to its surroundings.

Its prefab in design with the structure only 83 square-feet in size, meaning it can be transported on a standard trailer, putting you right in the middle of nature without disrupting it. Not only does its compact size mean minimal impact on the land, it also requires no active heating or cooling systems.


Instead, energy is collected from the sun with a thin-film PV in the south wall. According to COULSON, the air-tight and super-insulated enclosure will never drop below 15°C inside no matter how cold outside and without any sun exposure. Rainwater is also collected off the roof, filtered, treated, and stored in tank for potable water use on-site.

The Retreats themselves are built from three main materials: a 1/4 inch thick insulated fabric shades at the roof and windows to modulate temperature; reclaimed grey weathered wood blends in with the surrounding trees; while a mirrored glass facade blends the exterior into its surroundings as well as offering views of the night’s sky through the glass ceiling.


There are currently three Retreat models, each with identical exterior enclosures but alternative interior layouts: The Bed+Bath model has built-in sofa/bed, toilet, sink, shower, fridge, and induction cooktop; The Basic model is a flexible open plan space built for art, music, meditation, office, and living spaces; and The Sauna model has built-in wood benches and a sauna heater.

The Disappear Retreat is currently being trialled in Grand Marais, Minnesota where artists and scientists are testing prototypes before the concept is launched into production later this year. Head over to the COULSON Website to see more of their projects.




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