Copenhagen-based architectural and design firm EFFEKT has just completed its ‘Camp Adventure’ tower in the Gisselfeld Klosters Skove forest. Designed to get users closer to nature, the 45 metre tall observation tower looks over the forest’s canopy.

EFFEKT Completes ‘Camp Adventure’ Spiral Tower in Denmark

Located an hour south of Copenhagen, the Camp Adventure tower is the culmination of a 900-metre-long woodland walkway which features a series of climbing courses and offers 360-degree view over the trees, hills, lakes and meadows that make up the natural landscape. On a clear day, EFFEKT also claim it’s possible to see Copenhagen and Malmø in Sweden.

Plans for the structure were first unveiled in 2017, with the opening taking place in March this year. The tower itself is shaped like an hourglass and is characterised by the changing curvature of the spiralling ramp. This is supported by an external framework of crisscrossing diagonal columns that stretch from the ground to the top.


Much of the structure is made from weathering steel, which gives the monument its distinctive rust orange colour. By contrast, the walkway is made from locally sourced oak boards which helps it to blend in with its setting. Its gentle incline also means that it is completely accessible to wheelchair and pushchair users.

The Camp Adventure tower and boardwalk have already opened to the public and cost DKK 125 to visit, which equates to around £14.45. Find out more over at the Camp Adventure Website.

Photography is by Rasmus Hjortshoj.


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