From any given single frame, most of us would be recognise a Wes Anderson film in an instant. His pastel-hued chocolate-box approach to set design and costume is one of the most distinct and celebrated in Hollywood, so it shouldn’t really be a shock that the Isle of Dogs director has inspired design studios the world over. And the latest to get the Anderson treatment is Feast India Company’s uber-modern restaurant.

Take a Look Inside Feast India Co.'s Wes Anderson-Inspired Restaurant

Following in the footsteps of The Budapest Café in Chengdu, China, the Canadian House on Airbnb, and Bar Luce in Milan (which Anderson himself helped design alongside Prada), take a look inside Feast India Company, a restaurant in Kanpur, India which features a pastel pink paint job inspired by Wes Anderson.

Located in the Uttar Pradesh region in northern India, Feast India Company was designed by Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio, who nicknamed the restaurant ‘The Pink Zebra’ thanks to its use of bright pink, bold black and white décor. The colour motif runs throughout the establishment, from walls to ceilings to floors, and even on the building’s façade.


Located inside one of the oldest buildings in Kanpur, the food at ‘The Pink Zebra’ is described as ‘progressive Indian cuisine’ with the menu featuring dishes such as biryani, panko zucchini bites, chicken tikka, and spinach fritters.


The restaurant serves 140 people over two floors. Guests enter through the main entrance into a waiting area that leads to the two main floors; one of which contains a dining room and the other a terrace. The first floor room can accommodate up to 50 people, while the terrace sits up to 80.

Find out more info over at the Feast India Company Facebook Page, and also check out our film review for Wes Anderson’s latest film, Isle of Dogs.




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