Continuing our quest to find the most interesting abodes on the planet, our search takes us to Northern Italy where we think we may have found the coolest concept of the year. Designed by architect Roberto Rossi, take a look at the fully rotating house.

Check Out This Fully Rotating Home in Northern Italy

Balanced on a central pillar, the Rotating House can be mechanically rotated in both directions to give its mechanics obsessed owner varied views of the surrounding Italian landscape. The rotation is also used to direct the octagonal house’s solar panels towards the sun.

Located near the coastal city of Rimini, the house takes its inspiration from another rotating Italian home which was built in the 1930s by architects Angelo Invernizzi and Ettore Fagiuoli. Roberto Rossi’s design was constructed by ProTek who ensured the building was lightweight enough to allow it withstand traumas caused by its rotation.


To achieve this, the structure is made from a steel frame with walls made of wooden strips, and insulation panels of hemp and wood fibre. The house itself is energy neutral, with solar panels fitted on the roof to take full advantage of the sun at all times of the day. The house is also equipped with a heat pump and a solar thermal system.

Inside, views of the surrounding Emilia-Romagna countryside are visible from each room with the central living and dining spaces acting as the home’s main relaxing space. Check out more info over at the ProTek Website.


In other design news, Danish architect COBE have unveiled plans for the latest building in the Copenhagen Harbour redevelopment. Called ‘The Waterfall’, the aquatic centre’s distinct roofline will mimic the same profile as the port’s current project.



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