It’s now been well over a year since Grenfell Tower caught fire, killing 72 people in the process. With the enquiry into what caused the tragedy fully under way, attention is starting to turn to what will become of the remains of Grenfell. And London-based architecture studio JAA has just revealed images of a concept which would see the tower encased in black concrete as a memorial to the victims of the fire.

JAA Propose Memorial Concept for Grenfell Tower

JAA developed the Grenfell Tower memorial concept after becoming concerned that the “tragedy caused through negligence” would not be memorialised sufficiently. A fire engulfed the 24-storey block of flats in west London on 14th June 2017, resulting in the death of 72 people.

Though it was announced in March 2018 that the residents would be allowed to decide on the memorial they want, last month it was announced that the local council of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea would be taking back control of the site temporarily, with many expecting the building to be demolished.


The JAA proposal is only a concept but the architect studio does believe that residents should have the final say. Their proposal is simple aimed at starting a conversation with JAA proposing leaving the tower standing, sealed inside a full-height sarcophagus made from 224 black concrete panels. At night, a beacon in Flat 16 – where the fire originated – would light up.


According to JAA, the roof of the tower would be accessible with a memorial garden of wildflowers planted along the perimeter. Slim concrete columns would support a canopy on the roof which would mean the garden could be used all year round. The concept also proposes a community centre and a boxing gym on the first floor to replace the one destroyed in the blaze.

Check out more of JAA’s works over at the JAA Website.


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