IKEA Recreate Some of TV’s Iconic Living Rooms with Furniture Staples

Ever wanted to live in Monica and Chandler’s New York flat? Or know what it’s like to live in Springfield? Well, now you can. Sort of, anyway… IKEA have just revealed a photoseries which recreates three of TV’s most iconic living rooms with some of IKEA’s own furniture pieces.

Yes, with Stranger Things Season 3 set to hit Netflix in just one month, IKEA is showing its customers how to create their very own Byers living room – complete with alphabet Christmas lights – as well as the famed living rooms from The Simpsons and Friends.

While the signature sailboat painting might not be for sale on IKEA’s copyright-wary “Room for families” page, you can purchase a frame, braided rug, a lamp and shades, as well a side table that will all go well with pink-painted walls akin to Springfield’s most famous family home.


In the “Room for mates” (aka the Friends set), Monica and Chandler/Rachel’s New York apartment can be recreated with a few coffee tables, a large sofa and chair, as well as numerous cushions and lamps. There’s even a graphic poster from IKEA which comes in a similar vintage style to the ‘Aux Buttes Chaumont Jouets’ poster seen throughout the show’s ten series.


Finally, the “Room for everyone” (I.E. the Byers living room in Season 1 of Stranger Things) comes complete with the Christmas lights Joyce used to contact her son in the Upside Down, a simple coffee table and other key furnishings recognisable from the Netflix hit.

Unfortunately for us here in the UK, the IKEA iconic TV living rooms series is only available to those who live in the United Arab Emirates. Find out more over at the IKEA Website.


Earlier this year, IKEA unveiled a collaborated with luxury tech designers Sonos. Coming under the name of ‘Symfonisk’, the release saw a table lamp and bookshelf each incorporate speakers to offer premium audio quality, as well as doubling up as homeware.