IKEA Has Upcycled Its Furniture for a Wildlife Range

IKEA has revealed a series of animal habitats upcycled from some of the Swedish giant’s most-loved used furniture pieces. They worked with eight UK artists and designers for the ‘Wildhomes for Wildlife’ project, which features colourful homes for bees, wasps, bats, birds, and other insects.

‘Dom’ by Supermundane

The IKEA ‘Wildhomes for Wildlife’ project has been created to promote the opening of IKEA Greenwich — its “most sustainable store ever” – which features solar panels, rainwater-harvesting facilities, geothermal heating and all-LED lighting. The ‘Wildhomes’ in the project include insect towers, bat shelters and bird boxes.

For the project architects Studio Weave created the Fladdermösshus, a futuristic hanging bat house made from Kvistbro metal tables, while designer Adam Nathaniel Furman created Bughattan, a totem pole-like tower, created from IKEA’s Eckbacken and Hammarp worktops, intended for bees and wasps to stop and rest.

‘Hachi House’ by Sash Scott & Tamsin Hanke

Other bright creations come from graphic artist Supermundane, whose Dom small bird house and Pipi bat house are both colourful creations made from Industriell shelving units, while architects Sash Scott and Tamsin Hanke created the freestanding Hachi House, an eye-catching bee house made from Industriell and Verberod benches.

The Månstråle House by Beep Studio is designed with old Stråla lamp stands repurposed into nesting pods for birds, while the aptly named Honey I’m Home! by artist Hattie Newman is a ‘Brazilian-style’ bee village that was once Burvik side tables.

‘Honey I’m Home!’ by Hattie Newman

Leftover cladding from the Greenwich store also makes it into one of the installations, with The Bug Bed by designer Iain Talbot combining old IKEA chairs and Thanet Sand to attract insects into nest.

The IKEA Wildhomes for Wildlife range is part of IKEA’s campaign towards a ‘circular economy’, aimed at minimising waste and making the most of resources. They’ve also announced plans to start a furniture rental programme.

‘MånstråleHouse’ by Beep Studio

‘Pipi’ by Supermundane

‘Fladdermösshus’ by Studio Weave’s Je Ahn

‘The Bug Bud’ by Iain Talbot

‘Bughattan’ by Adam Nathaniel Furman