IKEA and NASA Unveil RUMTID Collection for Tiny Living Spaces

No offence to Vans x Marvel or YMC x Mundial, but we’re fairly certain IKEA and NASA have the ‘coolest collaboration of 2018’ title locked down. Take a look at the RUMTID Collection, a series of items designed especially for the need of ever shrinking small living spaces.

It’s been a busy year for IKEA. Having released their first ever Bluetooth speakers, the Swedish giants then unveiled the SPÄNST lifestyle collection in collaboration with fashion designer Chris Stamp and then recently unveiled a collection with OFF-WHITE founder Virgil Abloh, which rather randomly features a rug that looks like one giant shopping receipt!

But the Swedish furniture giants seem to be getting bigger and bolder as the year goes on, and this time they’ve only gone and joined forces with NASA. Yes, the NASA. The RUMTID range features items designed after research was conducted at NASA’s Mars Desert Research Station in Utah, where future space explorers train for space travel and living.


The collection comprises four different product ranges that tackle four separate issues when it comes to urban, small space living: time, space, water and air. Therefore IKEA are offering up the likes of an air purifier, a terrarium pod, a modular furniture system, a small indoor garden, and a new super light-weight material.

The IKEA x NASA collection was debuted at Democratic Design Days, IKEA‘s two-day conference earlier this month. Not many details baring images have been released yet but we do know the RUMTID will be released over four separate launches in 2020, each launch based on a different theme: time, small space, water, and air.